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Sales Maven

Dec 7, 2020

Nikki loves on-air coaching calls, and on this episode of the Sales Maven podcast, she is working with Tracey Warren, a longtime friend, client, and society member. Tracey wants to know how to start a membership from scratch. She wants to have a plan for growing her email list and filling her membership as quickly as possible.

Nikki shares some suggestions on things that Tracey can do to build her email list and bring people into her community. Nikki believes that people sign up for content, but they stay for the community, so she suggests starting a beta group for her membership to test the waters and see what is working for the members and what isn’t. 

“Nobody knows what they are going to do until they get in there and do it.” Tracey is excited to start her membership but is hesitant because she doesn’t know what she wants to do yet. Nikki says that things evolve once you get up and running, but the only way that happens is to get started.

Nikki believes that Tracey must have a way to feed new people into the group, and she shares some ways that Tracey can do this. Nikki feels that webinars are a great way to get people interested in your content, and she thinks you should use the same content multiple times because they will always hear something new if they are listening.

Tracey says that she has changed the language in all the emails she sends to people because of what she has learned from Nikki and the members of the Sales Maven Society, and that is just one of the benefits of being a member. Are you ready to join?

If you find value in this podcast and want to ignite your sales, Nikki invites you to join the Sales Maven Society. This is an opportunity for you and Nikki to work together, you bring your questions, concerns, and sales issues, and she provides answers and guidance to boost your confidence. Join by going to, click add to cart, and then checkout and use coupon code: 27trial to get your first month for only $27.00!

In This Episode:

  • [00:44] Welcome to the show!
  • [01:49] They discuss Tracey’s book Six-Word Lessons on Successful Social Media.
  • [02:34] Tracey talks about her business and shares her background.
  • [04:47] How would you describe InSpark Social?
  • [06:38] Tracey shares what she would like Nikki’s input on.
  • [09:03] Nikki shares her suggestions for Tracey.
  • [11:00] Nikki speaks about the membership model and how fulfilling and financially rewarding it can be.
  • [13:21] Tracey asks about the content she would need to do the beta trial.
  • [16:19] Nikki discusses a group she recently signed up for and the spreadsheet that everyone in the group filled out.
  • [19:08] Nikki gives examples of ways Tracey can retain the members once she gets a group started.
  • [20:28] Listen, as Nikki shares some things she did to retain members, what worked and what didn’t.
  • [21:44] Tracey shares an idea she had as Nikki was sharing for an add on service.
  • [24:08] Nikki speaks about doing beta testing a couple of times of the year with a select few people.
  • [26:02] Nikki says there has to be something to feed new people into the group and shares examples.
  • [28:08] Tracey wants to know if webinars are as effective now with the pandemic?
  • [30:45] Nikki discusses the content she might want to have in her webinar.
  • [33:30] When you know your message is good, keep putting it out there.
  • [34:06] Nikki shares why she loves the idea of doing the same webinar over and over.
  • [35:01] What is the next step you are going to take?
  • [36:22] Tracey shares one benefit she has received from being a member of society.
  • [38:00] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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