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Sales Maven

Jul 12, 2021

Make the sales call you want without feeling sleazy or pushy. Your very own sales maven, Nikki, is here to offer tips, techniques, and strategies to master your sales conversations. She’ll be taking you with her as she gives live coaching. Learn about energy management in a corporate setting, and building community on this episode of the Sales Maven Show.

Today’s coaching call is an on-air coaching call with one of the Sales Maven society members, Lisa Liszcz. Currently, her life’s work is her business Liszcz Consulting based in Houston, TX. Lisa connects with mid-career professional and executive women who don’t feel the same enthusiasm around their career that they once had, but are looking for more. Lisa found that women in corporations are burned out by the time they are years into their career. Recognizing this she decided to offer her skills to get women inspired again. 

Lisa is successful in her own right, but always learning. She is focused on building an online community to give the people she works with a place to support each other. Setting up a community is one way she plans to change the culture around masculine and feminine energy. She personally has an idea of Feminine Emergence where shifts in corporate and personal life allow people to embrace the balance of masculine and feminine energy. 

In our coaching call, Lisa shares that she observed how corporate settings and communities both tend to ignore the larger picture of sales and connecting. There is a part of the process that takes other stakeholders and how they are impacted into consideration. In Lisa’s mind, this showed the need for a balance of masculine and feminine. She really emphasizes how feminine energy is a nurturing, collaborative, and more contextual energy or focus, which can take organizations to the next level through balance and integration.

Sometimes we have to live our lessons in increments. Lisa teaches women how to get back into the reservoirs of energy they let go of or devalued. Being someone who walks the talk, Lisa empathizes with the journey since she went down a similar path.

After getting to understand Lisa’s work, we talk about actionable strategies to start building community. As the call continues, the discussion covers choosing a platform, community culture, and building behavior in a community. Nikki gives personal stories to share the lessons she learned firsthand.

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In This Episode:

[00:43] Welcome, and thank you for listening!

[01:03] Our guest today, Lisa Liszcz, tells us about her mission and current aims. 

[03:22] Lisa explains the purpose behind the idea of Feminine Emergence, which is also the name of her book.

[05:49] Finding ways to balance the masculine and feminine serves us better than shutting that down.

[08:22] There is a larger picture of sales and connecting with consumers that is not valued in corporate or our communities.

[10:20] If you’re tired and burned out it’s because you have reservoirs of energy that you haven’t tapped into.

[12:07] When you get down to the core of alignment, these words will come up over and over.

[13:52] Being so removed from your core disconnects you from guidance.

[16:12] Nikki listens to Lisa’s requests for the call, and where the ideas are at the moment.

[17:48] Community culture for a membership site should be decided earlier to attract members.

[20:48] Nikki shares different ways to create member engagement based on what you want and the platform you use.

[23:35] Nikki answers how she drips her content each month.

[26:08] Nikki explains why she changed her approach, and no longer drips content. She says what she aims for instead.

[27:57] Content can be broken down into smaller chunks to fit into the audience’s daily life.

[30:48] Giving people an option to implement the information improves the success of the members and community.

[32:23] Allow people the opportunity to learn by being the observer.

[35:12] Lisa shares her experience about being in the Sales Maven community, which is mostly confidence and mindset.

[37:23] Lisa tells you where you can find her if you want to connect.

[40:06] Thank you for listening. I am so grateful you are here!

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