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Sales Maven

May 4, 2020

Do you have the funds for a professional level marketing strategy? Nikki is having an on-air coaching call with Casey Gromer, a beloved member of her Sales Maven Society. Casey calls herself a fractional CMO, a Chief Marketing Officer, whose company, Wave Marketing, focuses on being a small business marketing leader who helps you turn more people into paying customers.

Casey has an MBA and has led marketing teams for Fortune 100 companies in a corporate marketing setting for nearly 20 years. She now uses that skill and experience to serve entrepreneurial businesses, making professional-level marketing strategy, structure, and operations available at a fraction of the cost of hiring a similarly qualified full-time employee.

Listen as Nikki shares solutions to Casey’s questions of how she can create curiosity with implementers and companies that are running EOS systems. Nikki discusses using her strive five list and how she uses it for the events and conferences she attends. Nikki says always take advantage of seed planting opportunities because you never know when it will pay off.

Nikki speaks to Casey about the questions she should ask that will open up conversations and allow her to move forward from the relationship-building point and on to how I can support you portion of the connection. You don’t need a lot of fluff when reaching out to companies, just let them know what you do and how you can help them.

Casey shares one benefit she has received by being part of the Sales Maven Society and shares why you should join as well. Nikki flawless in her responses to Casey’s questions, so don’t be shy if you have questions. Nikki has answers, and she will help you grow your business if you implement what she says.

In This Episode:

  • [01:05] Casey, welcome to the show!
  • [01:19] Casey shares a little about her background and what her company does.
  • [02:56] She gives us some examples of how her company can help you.
  • [06:00] How can I serve you today? What would be something that would be useful to you as you grow your business?
  • [06:24] Casey wants to niche down to a group of companies that are running on a framework called the Entrepreneurial Operating System.
  • [07:34] Casey is having trouble creating curiosity with implementers and companies that are running EOS.
  • [08:25] How does one become an implementer? Do they have a network or community?
  • [09:24] Nikki says that you must always ask, how will this benefit them to bring you into it?
  • [10:40] Nikki shares some ideas she has for Casey around creating curiosity.
  • [11:31] Nikki discusses her strive five list and why it is essential.
  • [14:03] Nikki creates a strive five list for many of the events and conferences she does.
  • [16:21] Nikki details a way that Casey can work on a question of how she can help them with their marketing.
  • [18:25] Always take advantage of seed planting opportunities.
  • [19:00] Casey asks for advice on how to move forward once she has the relationship part down.
  • [20:03] Nikki says that ask strategic questions to open up the conversation.
  • [22:45] You don’t need a lot of fluff when reaching out to companies, just let them know how you can support them in their businesses.
  • [25:01] What has been one benefit to you from joining the Sales Maven Society?
  • [28:23] Connect with Casey; she is a wealth of knowledge.
  • [28:52] #implementers get results, just implement one thing you have heard today and see how it will affect your business.

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