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Sales Maven

Sep 13, 2021

Ultimately, being authentic is directly related to sales. That’s the core of this episode’s lesson, but you don’t want to miss the tips throughout the episode on how to effectively connect the two. Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer tips, techniques, and strategies to master your sales conversations. Discover methods to place yourself in the position to thrive in business and produce true value for your audience. Today, learn how to push through stereotypes and achieve success in this conversation for the Mastering Excellence Series on this episode of the Sales Maven Show.

Cindy Lin from Staged4more provides value as a home staging educator, a podcaster, and a photographer who works internationally. Cindy hosts The Home Staging Show podcast, longest running podcast dedicated to home staging. She also holds experience as a real estate agent, and an award-winning six figure home stager in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now a highly sought after home staging educator, Cindy’s combined experience in the business and creative sectors helps her bring a unique blend to her teaching.

Recognized among the community, Cindy was voted one of the top 75 most influential people in home staging by Real Estate Staging Association several years in a row. Staged4more continuously placed as #3 of the top 100 home staging blogs and websites for home stagers since 2018. Embracing her own success, Cindy advocates for entrepreneurs to take ideas into action.

Every stereotype that could have been a hindrance to Cindy could not overcome her mindset, and her approach to realizing her goals. During the episode, Cindy speaks on the influence of culture, family dynamics, immigration, and representation. She uses her early days as a base for explaining the habits and perspectives she developed while accomplishing new levels of success. There are many different ways to achieve a result. Cindy suggests that entrepreneurs find what resonates to their journey, and place mindful work-arounds for habits that may distract or delay action.

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In This Episode:

[00:42] - Welcome, and thank you for listening!

[02:53] - Cindy starts off talking about her own awareness around stereotypes and culture.

[05:11] - What was the impact of gender roles impact Cindy while growing up?

[06:49] - Cindy shares how her mom was an example of going against the grain.

[09:48] - As a child, Cindy says both of her parents gave her a glimpse into entrepreneurship.

[11:41] - Look for examples of the people that came before you.

[14:37] - Cindy compares the media’s previous absence of representation with today’s media. She touches on how representation can influence others.

[17:36] - If someone can figure out how to accomplish a goal, then that means the path is doable.

[19:41] - Cindy shares what analog approach is still a hack to productivity and getting unstuck from postponing action.

[22:33] - Nikki poses a question for how to connect a timeframe to taking action and goals.

[24:31] - Cindy uncovers the aspects that help people separate goals into digestible chunks.

[27:13] - Nikki reiterates to chunk work down into bite-sized pieces, and shift the conversation to the skill of being aware of goal progress.

[30:05] - Nikki mentions the types of modalities, and suggests that everyone reflect on which aspects resonate with them.

[31:59] - What does Cindy actually do to reach her goal? Cindy talks about brain dumping, reorganizing thoughts, and getting a bird’s eye view of her goals.

[33:53] - Cindy tells the story of accomplishing a seemingly random goal.

[35:53] - Be flexible with goals. What does it mean to adapt while realizing goals?

[37:41] - Nikki reiterates the main points of handling perfectionism and habits that set people back.

[39:23] - Don’t think too much. Prioritize and take action.

[42:23] - How can people future-proof a business? Cindy shares her thoughts on what is possible.

[44:23] - Cindy describes her family support system, and what kind of support she felt in accomplishing goals.

[46:53] - Cindy shares her experiences around communicating and interacting with colleagues in the industry while not following the “norm”.

[48:25] - Nikki suggests for entrepreneurs to seek mentors if family is not able to be the role of a support system.

[50:38] - How do you know when to stop when pursuing a goal that isn’t working yet? Cindy talks about reframing a “stop” to a “pivot”.

[52:26] - Cindy talks about having a hybrid approach to life, since not everything in life is clear cut.

[54:25] - In this modern time, society is shifting to life-ventricle values other than work.

[56:48] - How can businesses get inspiration from others, but keep the business authentic to an individual brand?

[59:39] - When listening to this series, takeaways may resonate with individuals differently.

[01:00:38] - Cindy says that being authentic is directly related to sales.

[01:02:07] - Hiring is connected to a hard lesson Cindy learned during her entrepreneurship journey.

[01:04:42] - Cindy talks about experiences of small business being different from corporate levels, and how to create a sense of community for small businesses.

[01:06:15] - Thank you for listening. Nikki is so grateful you are here!


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