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Sales Maven

Sep 28, 2020

Do you implement the things you learn? Listen, as Nikki and her guest, Jon Alvarado, discuss how he implemented Nikki’s strategy to grow his company Teach Financial Literacy. His dedication to listening to and putting Nikki’s strategies to work for his business is why he is one of Nikki’s big success stories.

Jon shares that he had a lack of confidence and a lot of anxiety around sales. When he started getting some interest in his product, Jon knew he needed help and was 100% sure that with Nikki’s one of a kind skillset, she was the person who could get him where he needed to be.

One thing that Jon implemented was asking permission to move to the next step in the sales process. Nikki says that it is often something that people forget to do, and Jon says that it has made a tremendous difference, and he makes a specific point to ask for permission every time. Jon shares that he was looking for experience in sales and a fantastic listener, which is why he chose to work with Nikki. There is no better investment than to invest in yourself.

Jon says if you have been going at it on your own with little success, his advice is to hire Nikki. The difference her strategies have made in the last couple of months has been phenomenal, and Jon truly believes that he wouldn’t be where he is today if he hadn’t hired her.

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In This Episode:

  • [01:05] Welcome to the show, Jon!
  • [02:13] Jon shares his background and his business around financial literacy.
  • [03:08] Jon discusses his story and how teaching children financial literacy can affect their earning potential for the rest of their lives.
  • [05:56] This program is set up to be part of the school curriculum.
  • [06:41] Listen as Jon speaks about the language barrier his company is geared to overcome.
  • [09:27] Jon shares how his life story was the catalyst for creating this company.
  • [10:33] Jon says that his confidence level has increased with sales since working with Nikki.
  • [11:51] Jon discusses what prompted him to contact Nikki for support.
  • [14:57] Nikki helped Jon make some tweaks to his sales meetings, which led to a $48,000 first sale.
  • [17:40] Jon speaks about his trust and belief in Nikki and allowed her to coach him, and he listened to every word.
  • [20:06] Jon talks about some key things he implemented from Nikki’s coaching that have made the biggest impact on his company.
  • [23:05] What advice would you suggest to someone that is struggling with sales?
  • [26:12] Nikki can’t even imagine that conversation she and Jon will have next year on his success because he is such a great implementor.
  • [30:00] Thank you for being on the show!

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